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Safety and exclusives...what a perfect combination."

The Safe In Sound App is the perfect combination of user safety and user experience. Rewarding you for safe travel with exclusive deals from trainers to milkshakes and coming this year.
Complete the survey to let us know more about the headphones you prefer and roads in your area.
We've got a pair of Red BEATS BY DR DRE EP Headphones to win simply by completing this survey. You've got until Saturday March 18th.
Which type of headphones do you prefer? *


Which brand & style of headphones do you prefer?

Do you have noise-cancellation headphones? *

Noise-cancelling headphones reduce unwanted ambient sounds using active noise control.

What would influence the types of headphones you buy? *

"Alright let's talk about roads a lil bit."

Do you have any 20mph zones in your area? *

If you do, how often have you seen drivers travelling faster in those 20mph area? *

From 1 (not often at all) to 7 (extremely often) please rate how often you see this happening.
"Okay, lets wrap it up..."

What do you like to listen to? *

Where do you get your music from? *

And lastly, who is more responsible for road accidents in your local area, drivers or pedestrians? *

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